8 Minimalist Decor Ideas

When you have decided that you want to create a minimalist living space, you may be looking for some minimalist decor ideas. The idea of no clutter in a room, a clutter-free storage area and clean, comfortable surfaces are appealing to most people, and they often turn to minimalist decor as a starting point when designing their home. The following are some of the types of home decorating, that can be achieved by choosing a minimalist approach.

Furniture. The first step towards creating a minimalist lifestyle is the selection of furniture that is clean, spacious and modern. Modern furniture items that don’t display accessories tend to be large and contemporary, leaving the room open to furnishings that can be placed against them and that has the same contemporary theme. Some of the choices include modular wood furnishings, sleek metals or glass, soft fabrics and tiles and sleek plastics that are designed to be versatile and flow with a minimalist theme.

Lighting. A minimalist bathroom, kitchen or bedroom is one that has minimum lighting. The use of dimmable light bulbs, candles, wall sconces and lamps are all simple ways to control the amount of light in a room. If you are looking for additional artistic flare with your minimalist decor, a contrast between soft light and dark colors is a good way to achieve a beautiful look. Although this type of lighting is sometimes associated with traditional oriental styles, it is also seen in many other styles.

Design and texture. When choosing minimalist decor, be sure to keep design and texture in mind. Not only will minimalism contribute to being less cluttered, but it will also make the room appear lighter and airy. Adding art, texture and fabrics to the walls, floors and baseboards can help create a mood or atmosphere that is uncluttered and airy.

Color and textures. For those that want to add a minimalist touch to a room, choosing colors that are clean and neutral can make a minimalist decor style look more contemporary. Colors such as green, red, blue and black are often seen in minimalist decor. However, use these colors in moderation, to achieve a balance.

Accessories. For minimalist homeowners, adding matching accessories to a minimalist room can help to create the same theme. Not only will matching pillows and throw pillows give a room a modern and clean feel, but adding pieces such as an electronic clock, a pair of chunky glasses or a table lamp can all add to the minimalist appeal.

Color choices. A neutral or light-colored room will create a minimalist look by using different colors to achieve that feel. Using warm colors such as brown, red and yellow for a bedroom will create a warm, inviting atmosphere. However, using pale pink or neutral colors such as white or gray will give a room a neutral, clean look.

Minimalist decor can be appealing to most people, whether they want to create a minimalist living space or simply have a place to relax, hang out or be alone. Most homeowners like the idea of no clutter, especially if they live in a small apartment or a rented house where things can quickly accumulate. Minimalist decorating can also help with weight issues because it helps to make a room seem larger than it actually is, so it is easy to transport and store.


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