10 Succulent Terrarium Ideas

Succulents are the answer to all of those nagging question: how do I grow a succulent plant? In this article, I will share with you several succulent terrarium ideas that will give you a great start. These ideas may help you get the best results from your plants. Don’t worry, they are easy to put together and they can be as unique or creative as you would like.

Succulent plants can be very easy to grow. Many people tend to overlook the fact that there are many different types of succulents. You don’t need to plant hundreds of them just to see some more of your local area.

Succulents have been used for centuries in various cultures. While they look amazing in their pots, they actually do quite well as houseplants as well. Just about any decorative plant can be grown in a succulent pot. Your only limiting factor is your imagination. Your imagination is the only limitation.

If you decide to plant succulents as a houseplant, you should get at least one medium sized succulent and one larger one. These should be the same species. Even better would be two of the same species, so that you can make two separate terrariums. You will then be able to select which one you would like to use depending on the color you would like to add to the succulent and the flowers that it grows.

The medium size succulent should be rooted in about three inches of soil. This should be the same soil that you would use for the larger plant. Remember, the roots of succulents are very long and sturdy. It is important that you use a large pot in order to allow for the potting medium to have room to spread out.

The plant you choose should have leaves that are shiny and green in color. There should also be few roots. You want to take care when watering your plant. Watering is often recommended for succulents.

Next, you should stake the plants down in the substrate. Use sturdy stakes that are six inches high to prevent the plant from toppling over. Once the plants are all in place, it is time to water them.

Finally, you should plant the large succulent. You should make sure that it is still in the same position before you move the succulent onto its new pot. After the large succulent is in the new pot, water it thoroughly. Place the plant back into the larger pot and keep it in place.


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