9 Garage Makeover Laundry Room Ideas

Garages can really become living rooms when they are decorated properly and kept clean. This is where you should hang out and do whatever it is you enjoy doing. While doing some housekeeping on your garage, there are a lot of great things you can do to add excitement to the interior of your garage. In fact, these are some of the best ideas that you can use to decorate your garage the way you like.

Hang Photos on the Walls – Many homeowners love to display photos on their walls. You may want to consider hanging a series of photos of your family on your garage. You can also hang more personal pictures of your kids and yourself. Keep this collection in order by putting them on albums and storing them away from the main garage door.

Add Appliances – If you have a very large garage you can make more space by painting one wall as a mini closet for you and your vehicles. You can also use your spare wall space to hang a small table or chair. Just remember to leave enough room between the floor and the furniture so that you don’t get stuck in your kitchen floor!

Add a Fixture – You may want to add some pictures of your family and friends as well as a potpourri rack to this room. This will help give it a more comfortable feel and should attract some happy guests. The most important thing to remember when you are decorating your garage is to keep the purpose of the room clear of clutter.

Add Vanity – A vanity will also add some much needed storage and organization to your garage. You can install a mirror on the wall as well as some shelves and hooks so that you can put all your laundry in order. When you are doing the walls, remember to make sure you plan your decorating so that you are not fighting over the small space.

Use Wall Tiles – Tile flooring on your walls will add interest to your room. You can purchase tiles at a local store and they can be painted on or stained if you would like. Just remember to choose colors that will complement your walls. While you’re choosing the tiles, remember to plan out your interior and choose pieces that will hold up well over time.

Make It The Perfect Place For Making Love – You can create this room into a sexy and exciting room. You can add some romantic touches to it by putting a small mirror near your door so that you can see yourself from behind. You can also hang some old picture frames on the wall. These will add a very intimate feeling to the room and if you have a large piece of lingerie you can decorate the walls with it.

Change the Lighting – If you have low ceilings in your garage, you can use some valances on the ceiling to add some interest to the room. You can also change the lighting fixtures in the room to give it a different look. If you have overhead lights, remember to find a good source of light so that you can be comfortable in the room without being lit up. You can also install some curtains that will keep out the heat and brighten up the room for some romantic romance.


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